.......Matt Christmas was born and raised at the Christmas Ranch near Wagon Mound, New Mexico. Matt started hunting big game at the age of ten and immediately fell in love with it. Matt has hunted all across the U.S. and replica watches has taken several record book animals throughout his career as a sportsman. Matt began guiding at an early age for his father when friends and family came to hunt at their ranch. While he was in college he began guiding full time for a well known outfitter that was leasing Christmas Ranch as well as some other major ranches in New Mexico. After college Matt moved to Texas and began work on several game ranches and well known White-tail breeders. Here is where he fine tuned his knowledge of game biology and game management. Matt and his good friend Thomas Wilborne designed and built many of the game facilities that are used by some of the top game breeders in Texas.
.......After Matt returned from Texas he continued to guide for the New Mexico outfitter until the 2005 season when he began his career as an outfitter. He took over the hunting at Christmas Ranches with his brother Will Christmas and also continued to guide hunters in south Texas. He began hunting in Kansas that year also and has now sells hunts and guides for an outfitter whose best deer killed on his lease scores 285! He has had several television shows filmed and magazine articles written about him and his hunting knowledge. His management programs have proven results that allow hunters to harvest record book animals on his leases. He is currently selling hunts in New Mexico, Texas, and Kansas on private land only hunts. He is also guiding for one of the largest outfitters in Texas who hunts over 300,000 acres of leased land. Matt offers hunts for nearly every species of North American big game and has an African P.H. contact that he highly recommends. He has an extensive knowledge of many species of game and knows what it takes to have an enjoyable and successful hunt. He has turned down several animals he could have harvested himself, so that an upcoming hunter would get a chance at it. Matt has knowledgeable guides that share views of hunting and management. He hires good goods and friendly people to help in camp. He is dedicated to the hunt and to the animals - he is a true sportsman.