Thank you for considering Christmas Ranch as your hunting destination. We offer premier elk, mule-deer, antelope, and predator hunting in northern New Mexico, as well as exotics and hogs in Texas and white-tail and turkey in both Kansas and Texas. We hold high standards for our hunts and will work hard to insure your hunt is a successful and memorable one. We have strict management practices that we have followed for several years which have allowed us to harvest the animals we currently hunt today. Enclosed is some general information about ranch and lease history, as well as rules and regulations. We also have general information about the animals located on the leases and the particular tactics used to hunt them. I hope that you find this information useful and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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Ranch History

Christmas Ranch was bought by Ace Christmas in the 1960s as a working cattle ranch. It lies in New Mexico's Mora County, where the Rocky Mountains meet the plains. The particular range the ranch is located in is called the Turkey Mountains. During the pioneer days of westward expansion, settlers traveled along the Fort Union cutoff of the Santa Fe Trail, which is in the middle of the ranch. The elevation of the ranch is 7,000 feet with a long-dormant volcano rising to the highest point of the ranch. The ranch is currently owned by Ace's only son, and is still run to this day as a cattle and hunting operation. The Christmas family is fourth generation ranchers in New Mexico and pride themselves on their cattle and horses.


New Mexico Hunting

Matt and Will Christmas are currently guiding on the ranch. Since they grew up there and have both been very active with hunting themselves, they have a great knowledge of the ranch, game animals and what to expect there. These brothers have been managing the herds to the best of their ability and can now boast a guarantee at a Boone and Crockett antelope. Why not, considering the fact that they harvest 50% B&C a year? The elk hunting is somewhat tough, but is also a great opportunity for first-time elk hunters to get a truly "good" opportunity at an elk. The resident herd is one of the largest in the county and the average bull taken is 280-300 inches B&C. Several bulls have been taken off the ranch scoring higher, and the ranch record is currently 373. Mule deer hunting has also recently become available to the public. All deer hunting had ceased due to heavy pressure from mountain lions and other predators. The most recent bucks taken scored between 154 and 175 B&C. The primary method of hunting is spot and stalk. We like to walk and the terrain is not extreme so most hunters can enjoy a walk in the woods.
Predator hunters are welcome, with guiding available. We usually set up and call predators in different locations. We recommend that predator hunters come in winter after the first snow. We offer hunts in both New Mexico and Texas for predators and have had great success in both States.

 Kansas & Texas Hunting

Christmas Ranch offers hunting in Texas for whitetail, turkey, hogs, and exotics. We have access to several areas that are loaded with some of the best exotics in the nation. Our primary lease is located near Knox City, Texas, which we replica watches have held for twenty years. We also hunt all of our hogs and turkey on these same leases. We have an antler restriction of 140 inches on our deer and an age restriction of 3½ years to insure our deer reach a mature age before harvest. We do cater to archery hunters and strongly encourage families to come hunt with us. During our deer hunts we allow our hunters to shoot all the hogs they see. We hunt hogs in different locations from our deer stands during deer season.

Our standard way of hunting is out of a stand over a corn feeder or over food plots and fields. We have several wheat fields and peanut fields on most of our deer leases. During exotic hunting we also hunt in stands, but we spot and stalk for certain species. Our primary hunting for turkey is done by calling and sometimes hunting over feeders. Our feeders will run year-round and we also feed protein during spring and early summer. The hunt lasts four days, starting the first day at noon. We usually run four to five hunters in a camp to insure everyone is comfortable and we are not overcrowded on the lease. We ask that hunters do not follow up blood trails until their guide is with them. Our guides know the ranch better than the hunters and will offer a better chance of retrieving a wounded animal. We follow the “If you wound it - it’s yours” policy. If we find evidence of a wounded animal we will hunt for that animal only, hunters will not be allowed to shoot another animal if they have wounded one previously. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Our Kansas hunts are run the same as our Texas hunts. We only hunt on private property. We do hunt the rut and encourage hunters to call and rattle during that time. If conditions are appropriate we will walk and rattle with the hunters; however, hunters will not be allowed to walk alone without a guide. All children under the age of 18 will have a guide available at no extra cost.

Hunters can come enjoy a fun and entertaining experience on our leases. We will do our very best to ensure you have an enjoyable experience, and we hope to have you back! Please call or e-mail us with any questions or to book your next hunt.  

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